Anne and Eva: Two Diaries, Two Holocaust Memories in Communist Hungary
    Anomie and the public transportation of Budapest. The effects of hyperinflation, 1945–1946
    Between Authoritarian Selflegitimation and Democratic Opposition. The Variety of Hungarian Reactions to the Rise of Solidarity and Polish Crisis of 1980-81
    From the East German Holiday in Hungary and the Paneuropean Picnic to the German Re-Unification
    Passing the Torch, despite Bananas. The Twentieth‑Anniversary Commemorations of 1989 in Central Europe
    Regime Change in Hungary
    The Hungarian Chapter of a Bratislava Reader
    The Military Cemetery as a Form of the Cult of the Fallen Soldier: The History of the Idea and Its Destruction on the Example of Austro-Hungarian Cemeteries in “Russian Poland”
    The Two Sides of Regime Change – the Hungarian Experience
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