Anne and Eva: Two Diaries, Two Holocaust Memories in Communist Hungary
    Construction of Identity in Romania in Relation to its Past: the Case of the Shoah in History Textbooks in Secondary Education
    From Absence to Loss: Holocaust Commemoration in Present-day Poland
    Personalization of the Memory of Holocaust Victims in Polish Cinema and Museum Exhibitions after 1989
    Resolving the ‘Jewish Question’ in Púchov District of Slovakia (1939–45)
    Stealth Altruism: Reflections on a Neglected Aspect of the Holocaust
    The Organization of the Jewish Refugees in Italy: Cultural Activities and Zionist Propaganda inside the Displaced Persons Camps (1943–48)
    Work-in-progress Report: Research Project – the Economic Plundering of the Jewish Population in Wurttemberg and Hohenzollern
    ‘Purchasing and bringing food into the ghetto is forbidden’: Ways of Survival as Revealed in the Files of the Ghetto Courts and Police in Lithuania , 1941–44
    ‘The spirit of the time left its stamp on these works ’: Writing the History of the Shoah at the Jewish Historical Institute in Stalinist Poland
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