1989 helye az európai emlékezetben
    1989 – A kommunizmus vége Lengyelországban
    1989 – das Ende des Kommunismus in Polen
    25 years of freedom, that is a journey from a periphery to a periphery
    A Szolidaritás mozgalma – Európa szabadsága
    Autumn of the Nations – 25 Years After
    Das Jahr 1989 – Ein europäischer Erinnerungsort
    Der Streit um das Erbe des „Prager Frühlings“
    Die Solidarność-Bewegung – Freiheit für Europa
    From Dissidence to Neoliberalism? Reflections on the Human Rights Legacy of 1989
    From the Autumn of Nations to the Assault on Nations: Eastern Europe between Empire and Fascism
    Generation 1989? A critique of a popular diagnosis
    Hnutie Solidarity – sloboda pre Európu
    Manor houses and decrees
    Parallels in the Economic Business Cycles in Slovakia in the Period between WWI and WWII, and after 1989
    Passing the Torch, despite Bananas. The Twentieth‑Anniversary Commemorations of 1989 in Central Europe
    Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Peoples’ Republic of Poland in View of the Political Changes at the End of the 1980s
    Reprivatisation changed the Czech Republic
    Ruch Solidarności – wolność dla Europy
    The Autumn of Nations 1989 and the Ukrainian Winter 2013-14
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