Burdened by Imperial Memory: Rudyard Kipling, Collective Memory and the Imperial War Graves Commission
    Conference Report: European Remembrance. Europe between War and Peace 1914-2004
    European Intellectuals at the Intersection of War, Memory and Social Responsibility: Gaetano Salvemini, Thomas Mann and the Interpretation of the Two World Wars
    Memory in the Digital Age: First World War and Its Representation on the Web
    Mourning Aachen’s War Dead: Cultures of Memory during the First World Warm and the Postwar Period
    Review: Jan Salm, The Reconstruction of Eastern Prussian Cities after World War I
    Review: The Black Cross. Remembering the Victims of War – for Peace
    Sites of memory, sites of rejoicing. The Great War in Czech and Slovak Cultural History
    The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Remembered in 2005. The staging of European similarities in the movie Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël
    The Great War and Its Consequences from a Swedish Perspective
    The Military Cemetery as a Form of the Cult of the Fallen Soldier: The History of the Idea and Its Destruction on the Example of Austro-Hungarian Cemeteries in “Russian Poland”
    The Murder of Armenians – Armenocide – Genocide – Genocide Prevention: Aspects of Political and Historical Comparative Genocide Studies
    Turning Points in the History of War: Criteria for the Meaning of Violence in the Great War of 1914–1918
    Warriors and Victims: Commemorating War on the Stadtfriedhof Tübingen – A Local-National Perspective
    Warsaw’s Forgotten War
    Was the War Inevitable?
    “Neither for King nor Empire”: Irish Remembrance of the Great War in the 1920s
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