Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Peoples’ Republic of Poland in View of the Political Changes at the End of the 1980s
    Reprivatisation changed the Czech Republic
    Review: Elisabeth Kübler, European politics of memory. The Council of Europe and the remembrance of the Holocaust
    Review: Jan Salm, The Reconstruction of Eastern Prussian Cities after World War I
    Review: Patrick Pesnot, Russian Spies: From Stalin to Putin
    Review: The Black Cross. Remembering the Victims of War – for Peace
    Review: The Stockholm “Solidarity” Memoirs
    Review: Through History with Crisis. Anna Żelazowska-Przewłoka, Crisis as an Element of the Economic Situation
    Revolution by Song: Choral Singing and Political Change in Estonia
    Rok 1956 – cezúra dejín stredovýchodnej Európy
    Rok 1956 – cezura dla historii Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej
    Rok 1989 - koniec komunizmu w Polsce
    Rok 1989 – europejski czas pamięci
    Rok 1989 – Európske miesto spomienok
    Rok „1945“ ako európske miesto spomienok?
    Rosja dokonuje redefinicji historii
    Ruch Solidarności – wolność dla Europy
    Russia redefines history
    Russland schreibt die Geschichte um

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