The Autumn of Nations – 25 Years After
    The Autumn of Nations – 25 years after
    The Autumn of Nations: History Comes Back with a Bang
    The Autumn of the Nations - 25 years later?
    The Better We Understand Dictatorship, the Better We Can Shape Democracy – on Dealing with the Heritage of the Ministry for State Security in Germany
    The Bulgarian Round Table and its Contribution to the Constitution of 1991
    The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Remembered in 2005. The staging of European similarities in the movie Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël
    The Consequence of the System Transformation of 1989 in Poland
    The Dispute about the Legacy of the “Prague Spring”
    The Dynamics of Memory in East and West: Elements of a Comparative Framework
    The emergence of the modern consciousness of crisis
    The Emotional Climate in Poland in the 80s: A New Perspective on the Social History of The Polish People’s Republic
    The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity
    Remembrance and Solidarity Studies
    The Great War and Its Consequences from a Swedish Perspective
    The Hungarian Chapter of a Bratislava Reader
    The Memory of Communist Crimes: The “House of Terror” and the Central Cemetery
    The Military Cemetery as a Form of the Cult of the Fallen Soldier: The History of the Idea and Its Destruction on the Example of Austro-Hungarian Cemeteries in “Russian Poland”
    The Murder of Armenians – Armenocide – Genocide – Genocide Prevention: Aspects of Political and Historical Comparative Genocide Studies
    The National Socialist ‘National Community ’ in the ‘Foreign German Community ’ through the Example of Transylvanian Saxons and their National Church
    The Opposition Movement in Slovakia in the Period of Normalisation
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