The Organization of the Jewish Refugees in Italy: Cultural Activities and Zionist Propaganda inside the Displaced Persons Camps (1943–48)
    The Polish Pro-Independence Diaspora in the West in the Face of the Political Breakthrough of 1989
    The Possibility of Remembering economic Crisis
    The Solidarity Movement – Freedom for Europe
    The Two Sides of Regime Change – the Hungarian Experience
    The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933
    The Year 1956 – A Watershed in Central European History
    The Year 1989 – A European Repository of Memory
    The Year 1989 – The End of Communism in Poland
    To whom does Auschwitz „belong?”
    Truncheons in the display case
    Turning Points in the History of War: Criteria for the Meaning of Violence in the Great War of 1914–1918
    Ukrainian Lviv since 1991 – a city of selective memories
    Ukraiński L’viv od 1991 r. – miasto wybiórczej pamięci
    Ukrajinský Ľvov od roku 1991 – mesto selektívnych spomienok
    Unemployment in Interwar Cracow and the Great Economic Crisis: Conditions, Consequences and Counteraction
    Unprosecuted Crimes
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