prof. Josef Höchtl, Austria

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Josef Höchtl - portrait photoJosef Höchtl is a doctor of economics, social scientist, politician (for about 40 years) and member of the Christian Democratic Party (ÖVP). From 1971 he worked at the University of Economics of Vienna and from 1997 in the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (as the Special Commissioner for Bilateral and Multilateral Matters). For nearly 25 years he was a member of the Austrian Parliament (as an ÖVP deputy) and had various chairman functions. In the ÖVP he was a spokesman for educational politics, human rights and sport. For many years he was a member of the Party’s Executive Committee. He served as Vice President of the European Union of Christian Democratic Workers and President of the Austrian League for Human Rights. Professor Höchtl is President of the Austrian Society for Better International Understanding.

Höchtl is an observer member of the ENRS Advisory Board.


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