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  • support the development of a European culture of memory with respect for national sensitivities through dialogue and analysis of our last century's common history, a history tragic and difficult as well as promising and constructive.
  • strive to create a network of institutions, which research 20th century history and facilitate the discussion about different historical interpretations and narratives.
  • provide opportunities to confront different national approaches to history, so that they may contribute to each other and ensure greater mutual respect and understanding among Europeans.
  • aim to create a platform for understanding so that the current and future generations can learn from the 20th century.
  • invite other countries to participate in ENRS.



ENRS implements its own projects, as well as supports, in terms of content and financing, actions of institutions, non-governmental organizations and research centers, which concentrate on memory studies. Our activities include:

  • organizing conferences, symposiums, seminars and academic workshops;
  • organizing cultural events such as exhibitions, film screenings and reviews;
  • publishing of academic works, scientific publications, and translated editions of existing books;
  • supporting academic research;
  • co-production of films, as well as television and radio programs;
  • promoting study of history in media.


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