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First Impressions - an essay by Joanna Urbańska

Photo of postcards from Moscow and Ukraine from the 1980s

”Thoughts on how my grandfather visited Ukraine 28 years before I did.” Joanna Urbańska, one of the In Between? participants, compares her experiences from Bukovina with those of her grandfather.

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Pécs. A study visit to the ’borderless city’

Photo of In Between participants

Between 16 and 23 of September, 2016 seven exceptional young people from five European countries visited the multicultural borderland region of Baranya county, Hungary. They had an opportunity to meet its inhabitants, and conduct and document interviews with them. Although Pécs was the main venue of the project activities, participants also stopped by few other places: Erdősmecske, Pécsvárad, Sellye, Drávasztára and Piskó.

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Exploring the Austrian-Slovene Borderland

Photo of the Graz Group participants in front of Pavel Haus

We needed to leave our fears and dreads behind and simply face the challenge! And so we did. It was a genuine lesson of teamwork - and, as the next days would show, we aced that exam. Read how the "Graz Group" recalls their visit to the Austrian-Slovene Borderland.

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Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak-Hungarian Experience: study visit in Transcarpathia

A team of six young professionals explored connections between the social, political, economic and ethnic frameworks of the Ukrainian-Polish-Slovak-Hungarian borderland, attempting to understand fully the sense of commonality between these various Transcarpathian identities. Find out more about their experience.

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In Between? Memories from Czech-German-Polish Borderland

Photo of one of the In Between? teams with Ms Wiesia Altogether with Ms Wiesia Dowchań from Wolimierz from Wolimierz

From a meeting with a former employee in the president Vaclav Havel chancellery to a conversation about local traditional herbalism - read how one of the In Between? groups explored the history of the Czech-German-Polish Borderland.

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