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Exploring the Austrian-Slovene Borderland

Photo of the Graz Group participants in front of Pavel Haus

We needed to leave our fears and dreads behind and simply face the challenge! And so we did. It was a genuine lesson of teamwork - and, as the next days would show, we aced that exam. Read how the "Graz Group" recalls their visit to the Austrian-Slovene Borderland.

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In Between? Memories from Czech-German-Polish Borderland

Photo of one of the In Between? teams with Ms Wiesia Altogether with Ms Wiesia Dowchań from Wolimierz from Wolimierz

From a meeting with a former employee in the president Vaclav Havel chancellery to a conversation about local traditional herbalism - read how one of the In Between? groups explored the history of the Czech-German-Polish Borderland.

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Meet In Between? trainers & lecturers

Portrait photos of In Between? trainers & lecturers

With In Between? workshops starting next week (12-15 September), it's high time to introduce the people who will share their professional expertise with us. 

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Teona Teodorescu & her 'IN-BETWEEN' project

A booklet designed by Teona Teodorescu

We are happy to present a piece by Teona Teodorescu: a recent graduate of the University of Westminster and a participant of the 1st edition of the In Between? project. Her study visit to Transylvania served as an inspiration for her final major project. 

‘It was a first-hand research venture, which taught me about the beauty and the value of history and stories, that of listening to them, learning from them and discovering. It was a journey of connecting with people, with the past and present, with heritage and with myself, coming from Romania' - says Teona in an interview for Baseline blog.

To read more about Teona's 'IN-BETWEEN' project, go to Baseline's site.

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