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Meet In Between? trainers & lecturers

Portrait photos of In Between? trainers & lecturers

With In Between? workshops starting next week (12-15 September), it's high time to introduce the people who will share their professional expertise with us. 

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Recruitment Results for the In Between? Autumn Edition

The information concerns works of the Selection Team which assessed the applications submitted for the “In Between? Searching for Local Histories in Borderlands of Europe” project organized by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

Applications were assessed by the Selection Team composed of:

  • Zsuzsanna Agora (University of Pecs, Hungary)
  • Anna Czyżewska (Stowarzyszenie "Pracownia Etnograficzna", Poland)
  • Beata Drzazga (ENRS, Poland)
  • Karolina Dziełak (ENRS, Poland)
  • Magdalena Fryze-Seroka (ENRS, Poland)
  • Alexandra Kofler (Verein zur Förderung der Forschung von Folgen nach Konflikten und Kriegen, Austria)
  • Rafał Rogulski, chairman (ENRS, Poland)
  • Andreas Schönfelder (Umweltbibliothek Großhennersdorf, Germany)
  • Oksana Svezhenceva (Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine)
  • Zhanna Wróblewska (ENRS, Poland)

During open recruitment to the “In Between?” project 222 candidates submitted their applications. 70 applications have been rejected due to formal reasons. The Selection Team assessed 152 applications.

During the 1st stage of the recruitment, the Selection Team chose 46 best applications qualified to the 2nd stage of the assessment process.

During the 2nd stage of the recruitment, members of the Selection Team held 42 online interviews with the candidates and selected 23 persons to join the “In Between” project.

Please find the candidates qualified to the “In Between” project listed below.

Study visit in Liberec, Czech Republic (Czech-German-Polish borderland)

  • Eldaniie Abdurashytova
  • Rebecca Brown
  • Dorota Mysior
  • Ivana Průchová
  • Felix Rapp
  • Valentina Semeghini

Study visit in Graz, Austria (Austrian-Slovenian borderland)

  • Teresa Brenner
  • Karolina Bukovská
  • Sebastian Martin Günzel
  • Hanna Kovhan
  • Tena Lavrencic
  • Monika Panovská

Study visit in Uzhhorod, Ukraine (Transcarpathia Region)

  • Paweł Drymajło
  • Nella McNicol
  • Júlia Németh
  • Olena Nikulina
  • Anastasiia Soroka
  • Galya Vasylenko

Study visit in Pécs, Hungary (Hungarian-Croatian-Serbian borderland)

  • Julia Barandun
  • Orsolya Gabriella Csizmár
  • Evelina Hägglund
  • Klaudija Miceva
  • Petra Mieth

Please contact Karolina Dziełak (+48 22 521 05 84, karolina.dzielak[at] for further information.


Teona Teodorescu & her 'IN-BETWEEN' project

A booklet designed by Teona Teodorescu

We are happy to present a piece by Teona Teodorescu: a recent graduate of the University of Westminster and a participant of the 1st edition of the In Between? project. Her study visit to Transylvania served as an inspiration for her final major project. 

‘It was a first-hand research venture, which taught me about the beauty and the value of history and stories, that of listening to them, learning from them and discovering. It was a journey of connecting with people, with the past and present, with heritage and with myself, coming from Romania' - says Teona in an interview for Baseline blog.

To read more about Teona's 'IN-BETWEEN' project, go to Baseline's site.

In Between? Searching for Local Histories in Borderlands of Europe - autumn edition

Recruitment for 2nd edition has been prolonged till 17 July!

Welcome to “In Between?” - an educational project of study visits to multicultural borderland regions of Europe in search of local histories.

The initiative targets  people aged 18-25 and aims to improve the knowledge young Europeans have on historical processes in 20th-century East-Central Europe, equipping those interested in history with tools and methods for examining and documenting the past as well as documenting oral reports and audio-visual materials concerning history and the identities of Europe's border communities. The participants selected in the recruitment process are going to take part in workshops and study visits to one of the four European regions.

Workshops (12-15.09.2016) will be delivered in Warsaw by experts in most recent history, oral history, anthropology and archival studies who will train the participants in basic methods of collecting reports and photograph digitalisation.

After the workshops, the participants (in teams of six) will go for week-long study visits (16-22.09.2016) to border places in four regions of Europe (Czech Republic-Germany-Poland; Austria-Slovenia; Croatia-Hungary, Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine). The visits will result in collecting interviews and audio-visuals documents which reflect the past of a given region. The project participants will also attempt to make the narratives that they will have collected a part of a broader context of Europe's regional history. The project will close with a conference to be held in Warsaw in late 2016.

ENRS covers all costs of participation in the project except the costs of personal insurance and journey of particpant from hometown to the workshops venue (Warsaw).

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