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This time we discuss year 1968 and Russian Revolution.

Year 1968 (Written by Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, edited by Prof. Jan Rydel, dr Oldřich Tůma)

Russian Revolution (Written by written by Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, Prof. Andrzej Nowak, edited by Dr Nathan Marcus)


Hi-story lessons is a project undertaken by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity in cooperation with the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Germany together with the following partner institutions: the Slovak Institute of National Remembrance; the European Association of History Educators EUROCLIO, the Netherlands; Post Bellum, Czech Republic; the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; the Mihálya Fazekasa Elementary and Junior High School, Hungary.

Project animations were made with support of the German Federal Government Plenipotentiary for Culture and Media (BKM).

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