European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Meeting in Slovakia

The annual meeting of scholars, politicians and social activists from eight Central-East European countries associated with European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has ended in Bratislava. The purpose of that institution is to promote international dialogue and common memory round the history of the 20th century. ENRS activities intended to propagate the diverse experiences of European nations and countries reflect the principle of solidarity as the basic, common rule of thought and action.

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Polish and German memories of the Second World War and its consequences

A discussion about the German series "Our mothers, our fathers" will take place on Tuesday, 25th June 2013 at the History Meeting House in Warsaw. 

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Central Europe goes to freedom - poster

"Central Europe goes to freedom" - Bratislava

We invite you to a special premiere screening of the documentary by Mirosław Jasiński “Central Europe goes to freedom” in Bratislava, on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 at 7:30 pm in Lumière Cinema in Bratislava (Špitálska 4).

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International Seminar “Common Memory”

The purpose of the international seminar is to present the Polish, Ukrainian and German perspectives of the highly dramatic and emotional developments that took place in Central and Eastern Europe during the first half of the 20th century: Holodomor (Famine Genocide) in Ukraine and World War II with particular focus on the Volhynia Massacre.

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”1990 unification of Germany – myths and afterthoughts” - a lecture by Markus Meckel

European Network Remembrance and Solidarityzaproszenie-wyklad

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A lecture by Markus Meckel, a former Minister of foreign affairs of the German Democratic Republic

”1990 unification of Germany – myths and afterthoughts”

Date and venue:

24 October 2012 (Wednesday)


The Pedagogical University of Cracow

ul. Podchorążych 2, Cracow

room no. 337

Free admission


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