A Place to Stand. The European Parliament. Return of the East to the West

The facts testifying to the involvement of the European Parliament in the defence of human rights and elementary freedoms behind the Iron Curtain are not well known. They are presented in a film A place to stand by Anna Ferens.

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National Socialism and Regional Identity in Eastern Europe. Ideology, Expansion of Power, Inertia

Berlin, 24-25 October 2013

This interdisciplinary scientific conference aimed at examining the strategies of National Socialist non-military exertion of influence and expansion of power in Eastern Europe from the 1920s to 1944. The conference addressed such questions as the relationship between territorial policy and ethnic policy, as well as between the concept of obedience to the state and to regional identities in the countries of Eastern Europe.

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Political exile from Central and Eastern Europe

Motives, strategies, activities and perceptions of East and West 1945–1989

Bratislava, 19-20 November 2013

This international conference aimed at examining political exile organisations from countries of the former Soviet bloc. Such questions as the importance of actions of exile organisations in their acting against communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe were discussed.

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Memory of Everyday Collaboration with the Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe

Budapest, 23-26 October 2013

This international conference focused on the memory of everyday collaboration with the communist regimes, and history of everyday life in East Central Europe.

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