Film "Quietly Against the Tide"

December 2010 – spring 2011

In 1965, when hardly anyone in East and West Germany wanted to remember Nazi crimes, a small group of young Christians from Görlitz, in the GDR, decided to go for a bicycle pilgrimage to Auschwitz, the former death camp. It was intended as a sign of atonement, however the organizers were not aware how important their small gesture would be in terms of German-Polish reconciliation.

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Józef Tischner International Congress

25–27 October 2011, Kraków (Poland)

Józef Tischner was a priest and a philosopher, the author of over 600 articles and books. One of the leading moral authorities during the anti-communist opposition movement, Tischner was considered the chaplain of the “Solidarity” trade union.

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Conference "The loneliness of victims"

loneliness of victims - poster

9–10 December 2011, Budapest (Hungary)

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity in close partnership with the Hungarian Historical Society (Magyar Történelmi Társulat)and the German-Russian Museum (Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst) organised “The Loneliness of Victims. The Methodological, Ethical and Political Aspects of Counting the Second World War’s Human Casualties” conference. The conference took place in December 2011 in Budapest and gathered participants from all over Europe.

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Conference "Anti-Semitic legislation in Slovakia and in Europe"

8–9 September 2011, Bratislava (Slovakia)

The conference, held in Bratislava, aimed to present the results of research into anti-Semitic legislation and define the role it played in the persecution and extermination of the Jewish community, focusing on the specific forms it took in different countries.

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Film review: "Who’s into historical cinema? Phantoms of Freedom"

3–8 November 2011, Warsaw (Poland)

The fifth edition of the "Who's into Historical Cinema? Phantoms of Freedom" festival took place in Warsaw, from 3rd to 8th November 2011. This festival took up an initiative launched a few years earlier by the Polish History Museum, which had been very popular in Warsaw. The 2011 festival was the first to be organized jointly by Polish History Museum and ENRS.

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