Images of others in Central and Eastern Europe

15-17 November 2013, Warsaw

The purpose of the international conference ‘Images of others in Central and Eastern Europe. Continuity and change in mutual perception in the period 1968–89’was a reconstruction of ‘images of others’ at the national and international level, and a presentation of the diversity and the many dimensions of communication processes that generate those images.

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"Who’s into Historical Cinema? In the Shadow of the Swastika and the Red Star” - edition in Hamburg

29–31 October 2012, Hamburg (Germany)

The first edition of the "Who’s into Historical Cinema?" film review to be held outside Poland took place in Hamburg, on the 29-31 October 2012. This year's edition, entitled "In the Shadow of the Swastika and the Red Star", concentrated on the totalitarian rule of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

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History – memory – identity in humanist education

5–6 December 2012, Kraków (Poland)

The subject of memory is one of the most significant research problems that have been questioned and discussed for years by humanities scholars, yet many areas remain that have not been defined or need to be revisited. The goal of this conference was to analyse what role history, memory and identity – broadly understood – play in the educational process.

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PAREVO International Documentary Festival

parevo - parallel revolutions documentary film festival

26-28 October 2012, Budapest (Hungary), Trnava (Slovakia)

This first two editions of the International Documentary Festival were held in Budapest (Hungary) and Trnava (Slovakia). The festiavl examines the events of 1956, 1968,1970 and 1989 in Central-Eastern Europe. During the festival, ten documentaries from Hungary, Slovakia and Poland were screened. The documentaries compare the "parallel revolutions", revealing the ambiguity of the events, their different causes, courses, tempo and subsequent reception.

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Regions of Memory: A comparative Perspective on Eastern Europe

Regions of Memory conference - dabate in Polish Radio Channel 3

26–28 November 2012, Warsaw (Poland)

At the ‘Regions of Memory’ conference – the 2012 edition of the Genealogies of Memory project – close to 100 specialists from around the world compared remembrance processes in Central and Eastern Europe with those in southern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The comparison was possible thanks to contributions by experts from most of the countries of Europe as well as from USA, Argentina, Turkey, Israel, India, and Australia.

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