Research "Youth and totalitarianism: an international study of young people’s knowledge and attitudes"

Youth and totalitarianism: an international study of young people’s knowledge and attitudes

How do today’s young people imagine a totalitarian system? What are their sources of knowledge concerning Nazism, communism or fascism? Can they see differences and similarities in particular forms of totalitarian ideology? What emotions are evoked today in secondary-school or university students by memories of those who were young when such regimes reigned supreme? Does the young generation consider a return to totalitarian systems in Europe to be a plausible option?

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Freedom Express Study Trip

Study Trip participants in Berlin - photo by Krzysztof Dobrogowski / ENRS

30 August – 13 September 2014

For fourteen days, twenty young people from ten European countries travelled around Europe in the footsteps of 1989. Artists, journalists and historians chosen in an international contest visited six countries in Europe in a two-week period, starting from Solidarity's Gdańsk, through Timisoara in Romania, ending in Berlin. 

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Genealogies of Memory seminars

History, Memory, Politics. New Perspectives from the Baltic Region - 15 May 2014, Warsaw

New Research on Memory in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Belarus) - 10-11 June 2014, Warsaw

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The Great War: Regional Approaches and Global Contexts

International Conference on the Occasion of the First Centennial of the Beginning of World War One

19-21 June 2014, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 

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