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The first issue of the journal “Remembrance and Solidarity. Studies in 20th Century European History” has been published!

The first issue includes:

23 August: The Genesis of a Euro-Atlantic Day of Remembrance by Stefan Troebst

Between Negotiation and Acceptance: The Znak Community Versus People’s Poland, With Special Consideration of the German Question by Łukasz Miłek

Generation 1989? A Critique of a Popular Diagnosis by Martin Gloger

Between Authoritarian Self-Legitimation and Democratic Opposition. The Variety of Hungarian Reactions to the Rise of Solidarność and the Polish Crisis of 1980-81 by Ferenc Laczó

Apology – All Is Relative. Stories of Acknowledgement, Hesitation and Denial After Communism by Gergana Tzvetkova

The Dynamics of Memory in East and West: Elements of a Comparative Framework by Harald Wydra

Conference report by Joanna Wawrzyniak: Genealogies of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe: Theories and Methods

Conference report by Rudolf Paksa: The Loneliness of Victims. Methodological, Ethical and Political Aspects of Counting the Human Losses of the Second World War

Conference report by Peter Jašek: Anti-Communist Resistance in Central and Eastern Europe

Conference report by Anna Opitz: Region – State – Europe: Regional Identities Under Dictatorship and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

Conference report by ENRS: European Remembrance. First Symposium of European Institutions Dealing with 20th Century History


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