Studies in 20th Century European History

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The Consequences of the System Transformation of 1989 in Poland by Prof. Antoni Dudek

The Opposition Movement in Slovakia in the Period of Normalisation by Beata Katrebova-Blehova, Phd

Passing the Torch, Despite Bananas. The Twentieth Anniversary Commemorations of 1989 in Central Europe by Prof. James Krapfl

The Better We Understand Dictatorship, the Better We Can Shape Democracy – on Dealing With the Heritage of the Ministry For State Security in Germany by Roland Jahn

Regime Change in Hungary by Prof. Ignác Romsics

The Two Sides of Regime Change – the Hungarian Experience by Bálint Ablonczy

From Dissidence To Neoliberalism? Reflections on the Human Rights Legacy of 1989 by Robert Brier, Phd

Revolution By Song: Choral Singing And Political Change in Estonia by Joseph M. Ellis, Keeley Wood

The Bulgarian Round Table And Its Contribution To the Constitution of 1991 by Dimitar Ganev

The Polish Pro-independence Diaspora in the West in the Face of the Political Breakthrough of 1989 by Paweł Gotowiecki, Phd

Relations Between the Federal Republic of Germany And the Peoples’ Republic of Poland in View of the Political Changes At the End of the 1980s by Burkhard Olschowsky, Phd

Book Review by Przemysław Furgacz: Russian Spies. From Stalin to Putin by Patrick Pesnot

Book Review by Paweł Jaworski: The Stockholm “Solidarity” Memoirs

Conference Report by Dominik Pick: European Year of History. Turning Points in the 20th Century European History. Europe between War and Peace 1914–2004

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