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The National Socialist ‘National Community’ in the ‘Foreign German Community’ through the Example of Transylvanian Saxons and their National Church by Dirk Schuster

Resolving the ‘Jewish Question’ in Púchov District of Slovakia (1939–45) by Pavol Makyna

The Organization of the Jewish Refugees in Italy: Cultural Activities and Zionist Propaganda inside the Displaced Persons Camps (1943–48) by Chiara Renzo

‘Purchasing and bringing food into the ghetto is forbidden’: Ways of Survival as Revealed in the Files of the Ghetto Courts and Police in Lithuania (1941–44) by Joachim Tauber

Anne and Éva: Two Diaries, Two Holocaust Memories in Communist Hungary by Kata Bohus

From Absence to Loss: Holocaust Commemoration in Present-day Poland by Marta Duch-Dyngosz

Personalization of the Memory of Holocaust Victims in Polish Cinema and Museum Exhibitions after 1989 by Amelia Korzeniewska and Bartosz Korzeniewski

Holocaust Memorials in Central and Eastern Europe: Communist Legacies, Transnational Influences and National Developments by Marek Kucia

‘The spirit of the time left its stamp on these works’: Writing the History of the Shoah at the Jewish Historical Institute in Stalinist Poland by Stephan Stach

Construction of Identity in Romania in Relation to its Past: the Case of the Shoah in History Textbooks in Secondary Education by Maria-Philippa Wieckowski

Holocaust Memory and the Logic behind Comparisons by Heidemarie Uhl

Work-in-progress Report: Research Project – the Economic Plundering of the Jewish Population in Württemberg and Hohenzollern by Benedict von Bremen

Gerhard Richter: ‘Post-remembering’ the Holocaust in German Contemporary Art by Kris Belden-Adams

Popular Awareness and Ill-intent or Passivity of those in Power: Memory of the Holocaust in Russia and Ukraine in the 21st Century by Alexander Gogun

Stealth Altruism: Reflections on a Neglected Aspect of the Holocaust by Arthur B. Shostak


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