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8-9 October 2015, Oldenburg (Germany)

A workshop devoted to Dr. Enno Meyer will take place on 8-9 October in Oldenburg. The workshop will be held in German. 

Dr. Enno Meyer (1913 - 1996) was a teacher of history, geography and German at the Hindenburg School (today Herbart-Gymnasium) in Oldenburg. His experiences on the Eastern Front of the Second World War awakened his interest in Polish history. In the early 1950s he established contacts with Polish historians - those who had emigrated to Great Britain and those who had stayed in the People's Republic of Poland. In 1956 he published his 47 Theses regarding the German-Polish relations. He was a pioneer of German-Polish dialogue and a co-founder of the German-Polish Textbook Commission (1972). In addition, Enno Meyer engaged in the study of Jewish history in Oldenburg.

The workshop is organised by The Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe, ENRS and the German-Polish Society in Oldenburg. Project is funded by the German Federal Government Commisioner for Culture and the Media.

Workshop programme (in German)




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