Open letter ”Memorial” – a world good

In the light of recent attempts to shut down the International Memorial Society, a group of Polish intellectuals and heads of institutions dealing with remembrance and human rights expressed their concern with the situation in an open letter. Rafał Rogulski, director of the ENRS, joined the initiative, which is a part of an international campaign in support of Memorial

“Memorial” – from the very start – came to be regarded by the world as the conscience of today’s Russia. Its work – the search of historical truth and defence of human rights – is of international dimension; we were personally involved in some of its work. “Memorial” was nominated several times to the Nobel Peace Prize. (...) For Poland, “Memorial’s” part in uncovering the truth about the “Polish Operation of the NKVD”, the Katyn crime and other mass repressions was fundamental.

Fragments of the letter

The letter was originally written in Polish and published widely by the Polish media.


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