Q&A session 2020 – Case studies: best practices

    9th European Remembrance Symposium: 4-6 May 2020, Tallinn

    During the Q&A sessions, we want to give our participants an opportunity to not only network but also inspire each other and learn from the best.

    That is why we have invited experienced project and communication managers to share their best practices and address challenges present in the field of educational and social projects devoted to history.

    We offer two rounds of Q&A sessions, each round consisting of three simultaneously-held thematic sessions dedicated to the following topics: 1) Dealing with difficult past; 2) Oral history as an inspiration; 3) Use of new media/technologies. For each round the participants can choose which thematic session they want to attend.

    Each topic will be discussed by two coordinators who will first briefly present the know-how behind their projects (15-20 minutes) and then take questions from the audience (20-25 minutes). We encourage participants to not only enquire about the presented undertakings, but also to ask for advice on their projects or share their own experiences on similar issues.

    The presentations within a thematic session in each of the rounds are the same.


    The names and affiliations of the presenters will be announced soon!


    The Q&A sessions take place on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, with the first round starting at 12:00 and the second at 12:50.

    The sessions are held at the Tallinn Creative Hub in three separate rooms. After the first round, the participants will have 5 to 10 minutes to find their way to the second session of their choice.

    Please note that the sessions will be held in English and that the number of seats for each session is limited - participants will be admitted until all places are filled.


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