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Sound in the Silence 2017 banner

Are you an educator who believes in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching history? Apply now to participate with your students in the 2017 edition of the Sound in the Silence.

Sound in the Silence is an intercultural and interdisciplinary remembrance project. It is a way to reach young people, giving them a way to express their feelings on history through the means of music, dance, theater, and their own texts. Its aim is to find new ways of looking at the history of Europe, of our nations, states, regions, and of building upon the past in our present lives.

This year our project will be held in the former Ravensbrück Women's Concentration Camp – the largest concentration camp for women in the German Reich.

We invite teachers from all EU countries to apply with their students (aged 14-18) to take part in this year's Sound in the Silence edition

Recruitment deadline: 10 May 2017

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