5th issue of Remembrance & Solidarity Studies is now on-line!

The issue discusses Holocaust history and remembrance.

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75 years ago Home Army was created

Armia Krajowa (Home Army) was probably the biggest resistance movement in Europe. What are its origins?

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Anniversary of the Yalta Conference

Yalta Conference - the second of the three 'Big Three' conferences. During the seven days, the 'Big Three' changed the face of Europe and redrew maps, moving millions without consideration for historical and ethnic divisions of Europe.

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Watch the In Between? movies on-line

Videos made by the In Between? participants in co-operation with National Audiovisual Institute are now avaiable on-line!

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We have moved to a new location!


Our Warsaw office is now situated at 37 Zielna Street, in a historical PAST building complex.

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Guidelines for international discourse on history and memory - join the signatories

Guidelines for international discourse on history and memory:

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