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The second animated short film for the "Hi-story lessons" is now available!


After elucidating the outbreak of the First World War, ENRS along with the Georg Eckert Institute decided to focus on another important event of the first half of 20th-century. This time the issue explained is the Great Crisis. The animated short film discusses the reasons behind the crash, its timeline, and long-term consequences.  

The animation was created in cooperation with expert in global economic history, Prof. Peer Vries and author of historical textbooks, Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, as well as Rzeczyobrazkowe graphic studio. 


>> For the rest of the language versions, visit our YouTube channel


The animations have been created within the framework of a wider project entitled 'Hi-story lessons. Teaching & learning about 20th-century European history'. Upcoming months will be dedicated to the creation of subsequent animations pertaining to the Marshall Plan, the events of 1968 and the Russian Revolutions.



Creation of the pilotage animations would not be possible if not for the financial support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM), as well as contributions of the following partners: the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poland; the Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary; the Ministry of Culture, Slovakia; the Ministry of Culture, Romania; the Slovak Institute of National Remembrance; the European Association of History Educators EUROCLIO, the Netherlands; the National Remembrance Institute, Poland; Post Bellum, Czechia; the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Mihálya Fazekasa Elementary and Junior High School, Hungary.

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