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The event will take place on 1 October in Warsaw, Poland. This year's theme: fight for identity in war-torn Warsaw.

This year four groups of students, each from a different European country, will visit Warsaw, Poland to learn about the city's war-time past, with a special emphasis put on the history of two Warsaw uprisings: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943 and Warsaw Uprising 1944. The events, each unique and distinctive in its own right, will serve as a starting point for reflection on various forms of resistance. Together with artists representing different disciplines, participants will explore the concept of fight for identity and dignity. This exchange of varying experiences and sensitivities will culminate in creation of the final performance: an interdisciplinary piece through which the teenagers will be able to interpret the newly acquired historical knowledge and expressed their opinions and emotions.

The final performance will take place in Teatr Ochoty in Warsaw on 1 October, 6:30 pm. Attendance is free. 


Organisers: ENRS, MOTTE
Partners: Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw Rising Museum, History Meeting House, Teatr Ochoty, sztukanowa, Museum of World War II, UPN


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