Studies in 20th Century European History

R&S Studies no. 2 – list of articles


Was the War Inevitable? by Andrzej Chwalba

Turning Points in the History of War: Criteria for the Meaning of Violence in the Great War of 1914–1918 by Christian Wevelsiep

Memory in the Digital Age: First World War and Its Representation on the Web by Aleksandra Pawliczek

The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Remembered in 2005. The Staging of European Similarities in the Movie Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël by Maja Bächler

The Murder of Armenians – Armenocide – Genocide – Genocide Prevention: Aspects of Political and Historical Comparative Genocide Studies by Richard Albrecht

Sites of Memory, Sites of Rejoicing. The Great War in Czech and Slovak Cultural History by James Krapfl

“Neither for King nor Empire”: Irish Remembrance of the Great War in the 1920s by Mandy Townsley

The Great War and Its Consequences from a Swedish Perspective by Paweł Jaworski

Warsaw’s Forgotten War by Robert Blobaum

European Intellectuals at the Intersection of War, Memory and Societal Responsibility: Gaetano Salvemini, Thomas Mann and the Interpretation of the Two World Wars by Mark W. Clark

Warriors and Victims: Commemorating War on the Stadtfriedhof Tübingen – A Local-National Perspective by Benedict von Bremen

Mourning Aachen’s War Dead: Cultures of Memory during the First World War and the Postwar Period by Jens Lohmeier, Stephanie Kaiser

Burdened by Imperial Memory: Rudyard Kipling, Collective Memory and the Imperial War Graves Commission by Chelsea Medlock

The Military Cemetery as a Form of the Cult of the Fallen Soldier: The History of the Idea and Its Destruction on the Example of Austro-Hungarian Cemeteries in “Russian Poland” by Jerzy Pałosz

Book review by Sabine Stadler: The Black Cross. Remembering the Victims of War – for Peace

Book review by Małgorzata Popiołek: Jan Salm, The Reconstruction of Eastern Prussian Cities after World War I

Book review by Jenny Wüstenberg: Elisabeth Kübler, European Politics of Memory. The Council of Europe and the Remembrance of the Holocaust

Conference report by Dominik Pick: European Remembrance. Second Symposium of European Institutions Dealing with 20th Century History


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First World War Centenary - R&S Studies no. 2 is available on-line!

The second issue of the academic periodical of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity is now available online! This issue of Remembrance and Solidarity Studies is entirely dedicated to the European memory of the First World War. The authors, among others Andrzej Chwalba, Christian Wevelsiep, Jenny Wustenberg, and Mark W. Clark, take on new questions concerning the significance and long-term impact of one of the greatest conflicts in 20th-century Europe.

Was the war inevitable? What was the impact on European politics of family connections between the rulers of the various countries in the early twentieth century? How is the Great War remembered in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe? What is its reception in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, or Ireland, where the Great War ended in early 1921, culminating in the struggle for independence ? Finally: how did philosophy and literature influence the post-war discourse?

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Call for Articles - Issue No 2: War and Modern Memory: The Great War and After

Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th Century European History is inviting articles for the upcoming issue of the journal. Next issue will be devoted to First World War centenary, its imprint on national memory, social groups, and individual’s memories. We encourage authors to treat 1914-1918 as the starting point and impulse for discussion about memory of other armed conflicts in the twentieth century. We would like you to examine and discuss the origins and evolution of perceiving world wars, regional, and local conflicts, while paying attention to the means and methods of commemorating these tragic events. Preferred will be are comparative studies on how different conflicts are remembered in different countries and on remembering the same event by different nations and groups.

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