European Network Remembrance and Solidarity

At the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, we foster dialogue on 20th-century European history. We do this by organising a wide range of projects, from exhibitions and publications to workshops, study visits and conferences. Our aim is, guided by the spirit of mutual trust, to support the development of a common European culture of remembrance.

What we do


  1. Guided by the spirit of friendship, we contribute to the European culture of remembrance by linking the history of European nations.
  2. We look for platforms of dialogue and mutual understanding so that present and future generations can use 20th-century history as a source of knowledge and experience.
  3. We care about the language of historical debates held on the basis of most recent studies of history and memory.
  4. We build a network of institutions dealing with 20th-century history cooperating in the spirit of objectivity, openness and mutual respect.

Over 360 partners

Assemblies help shape the ENRS’s strategy and offer their advice on our projects.