About Sound in the Silence 2011

    19-26 September 2011, Neuengamme

    From 19 September to 26 September 2011 the intercultural memorial project “Sound in the Silence” was hosted by the borough of Altona and cultural center MOTTE e.V. in cooperation with the Gymnasium Altona/Hohenzollernring, Polish students from the Gymnasium Zespól Szkól Nr. 11 in Koszalin and the concentration camp memorial Neuengamme.

    The location and its history were the starting point for the students and participating artists to touch on in an open-ended creative process. They could express their ideas and feelings through text, music and dance without pressure to perform. For one week the 14-17 year old students developed a performance in the brick factory located in the Neuengamme concentration camp memorial. The teenagers were instructed by artists from USA and Germany.

    The results of the five day long workshop were presented in front of parents, friends and other audience members in a thirtyfive minute long performance on September 24 at the FABRIK and in front of four school classes on September 26 at the concentration camp memorial Neuengamme.


    The brick factory of the concentration camp memorial Neuengamme – a former concentration camp near Hamburg – had been chosen as the venue for this workshop. In this place the prisoners, suffering from the torments of cold, hunger and the constant fear of death, produced red brick stones, from which, by command of Adolf Hitler, the “New Hamburg” was supposed to be build. The concentration camp memorial Neuengamme is reminiscent of the more than 100,000 people, who were prisoners at the biggest concentration camp in northwest Germany during the Second World War.

    People involved

    The main organisers of the 2011 edition were:

    Jens Huckeriede, artistic director of the project – a filmmaker from Hamburg, who has spent years researching Jewish history in Hamburg.
    Jens Huckeriede passed away in December 2013. Since then Dan Wolf is the artistic director of Sound in the Silence.
    Dan Wolf, coordinator of the workshops – an actor, rapper, playwright, producer, and educator.

    The workshops were led by several American and German artists:

    Keith Pinto, artist from San Francisco – dance workshop
    Michael Hearst, artist from New York – music workshop
    Kijoka Junica from Hamburg – vocal workshop
    Indrani Delmaine from Hamburg – choreography

    MOTTE Community & Cultural Center in Hamburg Altona initiated the project in cooperation with Jens Huckeriede. MOTTE coordinated the encounter of the german and polish participants – and the participation of the artists from Hamburg, San Francisco and New York and was responsible for the fundraising.

    Organisation of the project was supported by teachers from Gymnasium Altona in Hamburg – Prof. Dr. Dorothee Barth and Gymnasium Zespól Szkól Nr. 11 in Koszalin – Aleksandra Klukowska and Kamilla Derlatka.

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    Sound in the Silence is a way to find a new way of looking at the history of Europe, of our nations, states, regions and of transferring the past into our present lives.

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