About projects

The purpose of the ENRS is to promote the study of 20th-century European history and remembrance. Our projects include annual academic and networking events, as well as a diverse range of cultural initiatives and educational campaigns. See below for more information on our activities.

Ongoing ENRS projects

Archive of finalised projects

The Coming of Nazi Occupation: Patterns of continuity and changes in Jewish and Polish life, 1939-1941

Memory and Identity in Post-Soviet Space: Georgia and the Caucasus in a Broader Eastern European Context

Reconciliation in progress. The Roman Catholic Church and German-Polish relations after 1945 exhibition

Oral history in Central-Eastern Europe: current research areas, challenges and specificity

National Socialism and Regional Identity in Eastern Europe. Ideology, Expansion of Power, Persistence

The Transformation of Memory after 1945: European Perspectives on the City, Migration and Remembrance

The Roots of the Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc - Economic Aspects

"Freedom Bell" - concert on the 60th anniversary of establishment of the Polish Section of Radio Free Europe

'Auschwitz. What am I doing here?' - Mikołaj Grynberg's exhibition in Swedish Riksdag

Lieux de Mémoire in East Central Europe. Experiences of the past and perspectives