ENRS Assemblies

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the ENRS’s top decision-making body. Its members, ENRS coordinators, are appointed by the member countries’ ministers of culture or their counterparts. Each member country is represented by one person or, on occasion, by two. In either case each country has only one vote. The Steering Committee makes decisions regarding the ENRS’s strategy and projects. The function of the chairperson is rotational.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board draws its members from among prominent representatives of the worlds of learning, culture and politics in ENRS member countries and in countries that are not yet full members but are interested in participating. The board’s principal responsibilities are commenting on the overall directions of the ENRS’s medium- and long-term development and representing the Network in its member countries and elsewhere.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is made up of prominent historians and social scientists. Its principal tasks include suggesting areas of ENRS research and educational activities, reviewing proposals for scholarly projects, representing ENRS at conferences, congresses and scholarly meetings and evaluating the ENRS scholarly activities.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is made up of prominent historians, social scientists and other experts in the field of the 20th-century history. Its principal tasks include providing scientific and substantive expertise for the ENRS’s publications, delivering their opinion on the proposals submitted, appointing reviewers and thus ensuring that the highest standards of publications are maintained.