‘Central Europe Goes to Freedom’ at the Historical Film Festival in Rasnov

On 9 August, during the Historical Film Festival in Rasnov the documentary film ‘Central Europe Goes to Freedom’ directed by Mirosław Jasiński will be shown together with the accompanying lecture ‘Solidarity’ given by Prof. Jan Rydel, historian and chairman of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Steering Committee. For information about the festival, visit http://www.ffir.ro/

Mirosław Jasiński, the director of ‘Central Europe Goes to Freedom’ is a legend of the Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity movement. His film shows the key political events in the early 1990s in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary which led to the formation of the Visegrad Group, and later the expulsion of Soviet troops from the region. The film shows how long-standing personal contacts and the cooperation of opposition movements resulted in a rare international cooperation. The film concentrates on the heroes of those days, who influenced the course of events and played an important role in the process of freeing Central Europe from the influences of the Soviet Union.

The themes of this sixth edition of the Historical Film Festival in Rasnov (Rasnov Citadel) arethe Great War and the changes of 1989. Over 40 documentaries and fiction films, historical debates and witness testimonies, interviews with actors and directors, concerts and book presentations have been taking place since 1 August. Additionally, a series of meetings with local athletes brings into the spotlight the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984, when the boycott by the USSR and the socialist bloc countries cleared the way for Romania’s greatest performance.

The Festival runs until 10 August. 

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