Freedom Express campaign

‘Freedom Express’ is the campaign organised by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. 20 young historians, journalists and artists will travel through European countries following the footsteps of 1989. Everyone will have a chance to follow this journey on the internet.

The expedition will start on 30 August in Gdańsk, Poland and its participants will also visit: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany, where the journey will end on 13 September in Berlin.

‘This trip is important because it reminds us about things that happened in 1989. One important thing that should result from this project is that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe were the key to the changes and still remain crucial‘- says Dariusz Rosiak, writer and journalist who will be travelling with the group as a coordianator.

While visiting the most important places connected with 1989 young people will participate in workshops and urban games. The programme also includes opening of the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk, workshops at the Round Table in Warsaw, and meetings with the witnesses of the history - spiritual leader of the Romanian revolution of 1989, László Tőkés and members of the legendary band in Czechoslovakia, the Plastic People of the Universe.

20 members of the expedition come from 10 countries and were selected in the recruitment process. There are four people from Germany, three representatives of the Czech Republic, three representatives of Poland, two Romanians, Slovaks and Ukrainians, one representative of Costa Rica, Moldova, Hungary and the United Kingdom. They are graduates of philosophy, journalism, sociology, political science, computer science and art schools. The oldest participant was born in 1983, and the youngest in 1994. Their journey can be followed on the blog.

The study trip is a part of the socio-educational campaign ‘Freedom Express’ launched by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, in which the ministries of culture from Central European countries and institutions dealing with the history of the 20th century are involved.

The campaign is also accompanied by an outdoor exhibition Roads to 1989 – Year of Change, East Central Europe 1939-1989’. It highlights the political and social processes that led to the division of Europe into two spheres of influence, and then tell the story of the different paths of Central European nations to freedom and democracy, presenting the uniqueness of changes that began in 1989. In October and November first presentations will be held consecutively in Berlin, Brussels and Warsaw. 

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