Unlocking Broadcast Archives from Eastern Europe - workshop

Bucharest, 12-13 March 2015

The European (Post)Socialist Television History Network together with the Television Studies Commission of the International Federation of Television Archives and Romanian television are organizing an international workshop dedicated to 'Unlocking Broadcast Archives from Eastern Europe'.

The event brings together audiovisual archives from the region, researchers who have done pioneering work on socialist television history as well as representatives from the European Broadcasting Union, the International Federation of Television Archives and European projects such as EUscreen, Europeana 1989 and the Freedom Express.

The overarching aim of this workshop is to initiate discussions on and a strategy for enhancing access to television archives and television histories from this region. Access in this case is approached not only in terms of digitization and online dissemination, but also as a cultural phenomenon where practices of enriching and contextualizing audiovisual material are key.

The event will present discussions by leading players in the audiovisual heritage domain of Eastern Europe (from broadcasters, archivists, researchers and educators, to European organizations and networks) on issues that are central to the EU agenda for creating a unified European audiovisual heritage space.

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity will be represented by Joanna Orłoś from the PR and Communication Department, who will speak about the use of archive materials in the Freedom Express project.


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