A common European memory: promise, illusion or challenge? [...]

A common European memory: promise, illusion or challenge? 5th Networking Meeting with organisations active in the field of memory and remembrance

4-6 May 2015, Tallinn (Estonia)

The discussions during the meeting will focus on the question of whether a common European memory is a promise, an illusion or a challenge. We will discuss the relationship between national, regional and transnational frameworks of European memory and how they influence transnational forms of inclusive democratic citizenship. The geographical location and history of Estonia provide the opportunity to reflect not only on the region's experience of National Socialism, the Shoah, and Soviet Communism, but also on the challenge of including minorities within a common European remembrance.

Keynote lecture "A Common History for Modern Europe: A Proposal" will be given by professor Timothy Snyder. Professor Jan Rydel, chairman of the Steering Committee of ENRS will take part in the final discussion entitled "Coming to terms with the past: European memory conflicts and sense of democratic citizenship". 

The event is organised by the European Commission (Europe for Citizens programme).

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