ENRS introduces a new visual identification

ENRS introduces a new visual identification

We are happy to unveil our new logo, as well as an updated version of our visual communication system.

Starting off as a small yet vigorously developing international initiative, in recent years the ENRS has evolved as an organisation, becoming home to many diverse projects in the field of history and memory studies.

We wanted our visual identity to reflect this change and to better communicate our mission and institutional culture.

This is why we have decided to update our visual communication system, so as to make it more balanced and easier to read, while at the same time more distinctive and consistent.

We entrusted this task to one of our long-time cooperators, well-acquainted with our mission and way of thinking, the designer Małgorzata Jurko. The new identification she created is based on straight lines and right angles, as well as a dedicated colour palette, contrasting calm and elegant shades of blue with more energetic yellow accents which serve as a graphic punctuation for the discreet colour base.

We hope this change gives our communication a new quality, while retaining the core of our identity.