Your Mothers, Your Fathers

Polish and German memories of the Second World War and its consequences

A discussion about the German series "Our mothers, our fathers" will take place on Tuesday, 25th June 2013 at the History Meeting House in Warsaw. 

On 17-19 June 2013, state broadcaster Telewizja Polska broadcast the German series 'Our mothers, our fathers'. It has been criticised for conveying a false picture of the soldiers of Poland's underground Home Army as well as for its revisionist approach to responsibility for the crimes Germany committed during the Second World War.

The series has triggered discussion both in Germany and Poland over the way the film presented those events.

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity and the History Meeting House invite you to a discussion "YOUR MOTHERS, YOUR FATHERS – Polish and German memories of the Second World War and its consequences" on Tuesday, 25th June 2013, at the History Meeting House at ul. Karowa 20 at 6 PM

Participating in the discussion will be: Professor Klaus Ziemer, Professor Jan Rydel, Dr Andreas Lawaty and Dr Robert Żurek. The discussion chairman will be Rafał Rogulski.

In Germany, some regard this film as a memorial in honour of mothers and fathers. The media appealed to families, preferably different generations, to gather in front of their televisions, because this might be the last opportunity to hear the stories of their grandparents' generation. Commentators emphasised that this subject could finally be discussed, and the film has become a vehicle for the interpretation of historical facts.

But is it worth studying history on the basis of this film? How much historical truth does it contain? Should the image of German history be improved at the cost of the image of Polish history? Where will such a policy of historical memory lead?

The discussion will be held in Polish.

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