Holocaust Remembrance Day

On January 27th the Holocaust Remembrance Day was being celebrated all over the World. It was established in 2005 by the UN General Assembly.


The Holocaust Remembrance Day is an international memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust which resulted in annihilation of more than 6 million Jews during World War II.
It was commemorated also in Brussels by the European Commission and the European Parliament at the Yehudi Menuhin Hall.
The opening speeches were delivered by Mr. Martin Schulz, President of the Parliament, and Mr. Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister of Greece. The event was co-organized by European Jewish Congress (EJC). Mr. Schulz said that together with the time passing by, it becomes even more important to remember and commemorate Shoah.
This year’s anniversary was focusing on three themes: the deportation and murder of ca. 565 thousands Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the murder of ca. 81% of Greek Jews in the Second World War and the 75th anniversary of Kristalnacht.
The ENRS delegation: Mr. Rafał Rogulski, Mr. Matthias Weber and Mr. Jan Kaczorowski were present at both events hosted first at European Commission, than at the European Parliament.

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