The XII Seminar in Krzyżowa

Between 12-15 of March the Seminar on Eastern and Western European Memory Sites is held in Krzyżowa.

 This annual event gathers museum representatives and individuals from all over Europe dealing with the history of the 20th century dictatorships as well as with the history of the opposition and resistance movements. 

The topic of this year’s seminar is: 'Mythologizing the resistance movements? Presentation and interpretation of a meaning of the opposition and resistance movements by museums and memorial institutions'

A question raised upon the seminar in Krzyżowa touches an issue of remembrance of opposition and resistance in different European countries and the changing narrative of this topic along recent decades.

How do museums and memorial places show the national myths and in which way do they try to present the critical view on them? How the problem of collaboration and passive participation is viewed by the memorial institutions?
During these 4 days, Krzyżowa becomes a forum of exchanging experiences of professionals in the field of history from all over Europe.

The seminar in Krzyżowa is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media upon a decision of the German Bundestag

Languages of the seminar: Polish, German and Russian

The program in German

The program in Polish

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