After the Great War exhibition in Kaunas

    12 August – 6 September 2021, Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum, Žemaičių plentas 71

    The outdoor travelling exhibition created by the ENRS focuses on the turbulent first years after the First World War. Over 200 archive and multimedia materials – pictures, maps and films together with individual stories of people who lived back in these times – present a complex yet coherent picture of New Europe established in Central-East part of the continent after the Great War.

    Kaunas will be the forth stop of the exhibition in 2021. It will be displayed in the Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum, Žemaičių plentas 71,Kaunas.


    Financial Support
    Graphic and Architectonic Design
    The ENRS would also like to thank the following institutions:
    Local partners