cover image of European Remembrance Symposium 2023: Programme project

    Resistance and Solidarity

    11th European Remembrance Symposium and 6th Taking Stock of European Memory Policies

    9 – 11 May 2023, Barcelona

    Venue: Aula Magna, University of Barcelona
    Language: English, Spanish


    09/05/2023 Tuesday

    15:00-16:30 (GMT+1)
    University of Barcelona
    Welcome speeches
    17:15-18:30 (GMT+1)
    Opening session
    A dialogue between Dr Piotr Naimski and Dr Carmen Magallón

    Michael Žantovský, Václav Havel Library

    Dr Piotr Naimski (one of the creators of the Workers' Defence Committee (Komitet Obrony Robotników) in 1976 in Poland)
    Dr Carmen Magallón, Seminario de Investigación para la Paz, Centro Pignatelli
    18:30-19:00 (GMT+1)
    Coffee break (photo opportunities, contribution walls)
    19:00-19:45 (GMT+1)
    Turbo presentations
    During the turbo presentations, participants showcase their organisation or project to the symposium’s audience. Each speaker has up to 90 seconds. The topics have to be connected with the general theme of the symposium.
    19:45-20:15 (GMT+1)
    Screening of the film Spain in Exile (1946), directed by Guillermo Zúñiga and produced by Paul Falkenberg.
    A documentary film explaining the living conditions of Spanish exiles in France after World War II
    20:30 (GMT+1)
    Reception dinner

    10/05/2023 Wednesday

    09:15-10:00 (GMT+1)
    10:00–11:30 IST (GMT+1)
    First panel discussion: Mnemonic Solidarity – Can Memory be a Form of Solidarity and Resistance?
    Solidarity with the resisters and the oppressed
    Solidarity as a form of resistance
    Remembrance of solidarity. How can we remember the acts of solidarity? Exploring ways to commemorate
    11:30-12:00 IST (GMT+1)
    Coffee break (photo opportunities, contribution walls)
    12:00-13:30 (GMT+1)
    Q&A session – Taking Stock of European Memory Projects on Solidarity – Case Studies
    During this Q&A session the representatives of diverse projects supported by the European institutions discuss their experiences on memory and solidarity.
    13:30-14:30 (GMT+1)
    Lunch and coffee break
    Cultural visits
    Different venues within Barcelona
    Possible options:
    Historical guided tour and a visit to the air-raid shelter, no. 307
    Historical guided tour and La Modelo prison

    11/05/2023 Thursday

    09:15-10:00 (GMT+1)
    10:00-11:30 (GMT+1)
    Second panel discussion: Solidarity and the Power of Art
    11:30-12:00 IST (GMT+1)
    Coffee break (photo opportunities, contribution walls)
    12:00-14:00 IST (GMT+1)
    Summary and round table discussion: Solidarity of the Past for the Present/Ethical Consequences and Lessons from 20th-century History
    What does the history of 20th-century solidarity and resistance teach us in the context of the new challenges we face in the 21st century?

    14:15–14:30 (GMT+1)
    Closing remarks
    14:30 (GMT+1)
    Lunch break and the end of the symposium


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