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    About Genealogies of Memory 2016

    Regions of Memory II: Memory Regions as Discourse and Imagination

    17-19 March 2016, Warsaw

    This conference aims to revisit the regional structuration of memory, an issue that was discussed in an earlier meeting within the series in 2012, with a view to gaining further insights into the construction of memory regions – i.e. discursive arenas of memory that are above the level of the nation-state but not fully universal. It considers the ways in which public debate, digital discourse, written narratives and visual representations form constellations of memory that transcend the nation-state whilst also imposing spatial limits. Finally, as in the first instalment of ‘Regions of Memory’, it seeks out points of comparison and contact between Eastern Europe with other regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and/or the Americas.

    Keynote lectures will be given by Ann Rigney and Derek Sayer, among invited speakers there are also: Slawomir Kapralski, Jie-Hyun Lim, Kate McGregor, Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska and Aline Sierp.


    Conference / Warsaw 2016

    17/03/2016 Thursday

    Welcome address and introductory remarks
    Rafał Rogulski (ENRS)
    Małgorzata Pakier (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews), Simon Lewis (Freie Universität Berlin)
    Roundtable discussion – “On Memory Regions”
    Jeffrey Olick (University of Virginia)
    Kate McGregor (University of Melbourne)
    Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang University)
    Aline Sierp (Maastricht University)

    Chair: Joanna Wawrzyniak (University of Warsaw)
    Coffe break
    Keynote speech by Ann Rigney (University of Utrech): The Past is Another Story
    Chair: Jeffrey Olick (University of Virginia)
    Lunch break
    Keynote speech by Derek Sayer (Lancaster University): Memory Regions: Texas/Berlin
    Chair: Simon Lewis (Freie Universität Berlin)
    Coffe break
    The Fragmentation of Trauma: Memories of Mass Violence between the Global and Local
    Sławomir Kapralski (Pedagogical University of Krakow):
    The Holocaust: Commemorated but not Remembered? Post-colonial and Post-traumatic Perspectives on the Reception of the Holocaust Memory Discourse in Poland
    Kate McGregor (University of Melbourne):
    Global Memoryscapes and The International People’s Tribunal for the 1965 Violence in Indonesia
    Angeliki Mouzakiti (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi):
    The Pogrom of Jews in Iaşi in June 1941: The Memorial Sites as Part of the Post-socialist Memory Discourse

    Chair: Jens Boysen (German Historical Institute Warsaw)
    Commentator: Małgorzata Pakier (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews)

    18/03/2016 Friday

    Memory on the Move: the Formation and Deformation of Memory Regions through Migration and Travel
    Younes Saramifar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam):
    The Echoes of Memory and Rewriting the Old Theory: Martyrdom and the Regions of Memory
    Brady Albrand (University of Southern Queensland):
    Embodying the Prosthetic: Constructing Race and Agency Amongst White South African Migrants in Regional Australia

    Chair: Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang University)
    Commentator: Marcin Wróbel (Jagiellonian University)
    Coffe break
    After Empire: Memory and Postcoloniality
    Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang University):
    Victimhood in the East European Memory Regime. Transmuting Memories from the Post-imperial to Postcolonial
    Bartłomiej Krzysztan (University of Wrocław):
    Myth and Imagination in Memory and History Discourses in Armenia and Georgia. Rethink the Theory in Different Circumstances
    Malkhaz Toria (Ilia State University):
    “Decolonization” of Collective Memory and Geo-political Repositioning as a Reason of Ethnic Conflicts in Post-Soviet Georgia

    Chair: Kate McGregor (University of Melbourne)
    Commentator: Joanna Wawrzyniak (University of Warsaw)
    Lunch break
    Narrative as Bridge: Texts and the Construction of Memory Regions
    Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska (University of Łódź):
    Somewhere in the East. The Commemorative Function of the TV-Miniseries Am grünen Strand der Spree (1960)
    Elizabeth Johnstone (New York University):
    Memory Regions in Literature: Rwanda’s Write out of the Duty of Memory Initiative
    Irena Šentevska (University of Arts in Belgrade):
    Remembering 1973: Eurovision Song Contest as a Shared Trans-national Memory

    Chair: Aline Sierp (Maastricht University)
    Commentator: Jens Boysen (German Historical Institute Warsaw)
    Coffe break
    Memory and Technocracy: How Policies Construct Memory
    Aline Sierp (Maastricht University):
    Fluid Boundaries – the European Union as Memory Region
    Sarah Correia (London School of Economics and Political Science):
    'Remembering Srebrenica' in the United Kingdom in the Context of the Government-sponsored Struggle against Radicalisation amongst British Muslims
    Alina Thiemann (Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt am Main) and Valentina Pricopie (Institute of Sociology, Romanian Academy):
    Transnational Politics of Memory in a Troubled National Context. Media Commemoration of August 23 in Romania

    Chair: Małgorzata Głowacka-Grajper (University of Warsaw)
    Commentator: Jeffrey Olick (University of Virginia)

    19/03/2016 Saturday

    Shadows of War: Conflict and Memory Regions
    Azra Junuzovic (University of Sarajevo):
    The Interplay of Memory and Globalization with Remembrance Practices at Memorial Sites in Post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Daniel Wutti, Andreas Hudelist (Alps-Adria University Klagenfurt):
    Remembering National Socialism & WW2 in Multicultural Regions. About how to Form the Cultural Memory 70 Years after in the Region of Carinthia/Kärnten/Koroška
    Ewa Szczecińska-Musielak (Polish Sociological Association):
    A Half-broken Image of the Troubled Country. A Visit Tour in Two Museums.

    Chair: Sławomir Kapralski (Pedagogical University of Krakow)
    Commentator: Burkhard Olschowsky (Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe)
    Coffe break
    A Post-Soviet Memory Region?
    Nelly Bekus (University of Exeter):
    “Geopolitics of victimhood”: Constructing Post-Soviet Space as a “Remembering Community”
    Rasa Baločkaitė (Vytautas Magnus University):
    New Cultures of Remembrance: Everyday Life under the Soviet Rule

    Chair: Marcin Wróbel (Jagiellonian University)
    Commentator: Simon Lewis (Freie Universität Berlin)
    Short Summary
    Chair: Joanna Wawrzyniak (University of Warsaw), Małgorzata Pakier (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews), Simon Lewis (Freie Universität Berlin)


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