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    3 – 4 Dec 2018, Florence

    Seminar: How to narrate the history of Europe?

    A group of international experts will come to Florence between 3-4 Dec to discuss challenges related to presenting Europe's common history.

    The aim of the event is to juxtapose different perspectives, disciplines and sensitivities on dealing with European memory. The starting point for the discussion will be presentations by intellectuals representing various countries, academic disciplines, approaches and specialisations on projects presenting Europe's and European's regions history. The debate will be based on four main topics:

    1. European identity or European identities - the role of memory
    2. Different perspectives of looking at historical periods of Europe and at centres and peripheries
    3. What is the role of past and history? Identifying similarities and differences
    4. Holocaust and genocide in the context of totalitarian regimes

    Read the full programme here


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