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    Turbo presentations 2024

    12th European Remembrance Symposium: 21 — 24 May 2024, Warsaw, Poland

    Would you like to showcase your latest project among peers from other countries? Or maybe you are you looking for partners for future initiatives?

    During turbo presentations we give the floor to our participants! Each speaker has up to 90 seconds to present their organisation or project to the audience of the Symposium.

    The turbo presentations take place on Wednesday, 22 May 2024, between 12:30 and 13:30.

    If you would like to take part and present, please:

    a) register for the Symposium via an online form (if you have not already done so);
    b) …and then send your proposal with your name and a short description (up to 500 characters) to: or Please indicate if you would like to screen any images, slides or a short presentation. Your proposal should be sent no later than 7 May 2024.

    If you are unable to attend this event in person, you can still join us! Add a recording of your presentation to your proposal and send it to us no later than 7 May 2024


    Each turbo presentation lasts up to 90 seconds. After that point, the speaker will be interrupted by the moderator.

    The presentation must be given in English.

    There is the possibility to screen images, slides or a short presentation. A projector and laptop will be provided by the organisers.

    In order to have something screened, the speaker has to send a .pdf, .ppt or .jpg file by 7 May 2024 at the latest.

    Please be informed that the organisers are not able to print any material.

    Partners and Co-organisers



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