Berlin: special presentation of the "After the Great War" exhibition
Photo: Dominik Tryba

Berlin: special presentation of the "After the Great War" exhibition

Photo: Dominik Tryba

The outdoor exhibition devoted to the aftermath of the First World War will be on show in Berlin from 4 till 24 October. A special presentation, including a guided tour given by the curators, is to take place on 14 October (Monday) at 17:00. Attendance is free.

The First World War completely changed East-Central Europe. Upon the ruins of four old empires, a dozen or so new countries appeared and almost all borders were redrawn, often in course of continued military conflicts, which lasted even until 1923. After having suffered very high losses, the region started rebuilding and modernising efforts. A New Europe was established.

The new outdoor travelling exhibition created by the ENRS focuses on these turbulent years. Over 200 archive and multimedia materials – pictures, maps and films together with individual stories of people who lived back in these times – present a complex yet coherent picture of New Europe established in Central-East part of the continent after the Great War.

Berlin will be the 5th location, after Prague, Sarajevo, Bratislava and Verdun, to host the travelling exhibition. The display will be on view at at the Dorothea-Schlegel Square till 24 October, and in other European the following year.

The event accompanying the showing of "After the Great War" in Berlin, which will take place on Monday 14 October at 17:00, will include introductory speeches and a guided tour given by the exhibition's curators, Dr Bartosz Dziewanowski-Stefańczyk and Dr Robert Żurek.

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Exhibition "After the Great War. A New Europe 1918-1923"
Venue: Dorothea-Schlegel Square, Berlin
Dates: 4-24 October
Special presentation: 14 October, at 17:00

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