Communism falls on Facebook. Like it?

How to talk in an interesting way to the young people about the events which took place 25 years ago and changed the history of Europe?

How to communicate complicated political and social aspects of that time so that it involves young ‘culture consumers’ who spend days on surfing the Internet in order to find an easy and pleasant content?

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity answers these questions by social-educational campaign which is a part of a wider project concerning the 25. anniversary of democratic changes in the countries of the Central-Eastern Europe.

Together with Rekreacja (Patryk P. Bryliński and Maciej Kaczyński) we show an alternative to how to teach and learn history. We offer an unconventional way of dealing with - not always easy – recent history.
‘Made in 89’ is a fanpage on Facebook. On ‘Made in 89’ one can follow stories of a group of friends coming from different countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Similar to their peers, young people communicate on Facebook and Instagram, sending pictures of food, clothes, inviting each other about parties and searching for real love. Everything is strongly connected to the historical events: Round Table talks, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, etc.

‘Made in 89’ ( brings back the memories, history, everyday life experiences of 1989. It is simply a time travel. What would have happened if Facebook had existed in 1989? Let's find out!

*The language used by our characters is stipulated and is meant to ease communication with today's Facebook users.

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