'How to Win a Memory War?' -  new film by ENRS

'How to Win a Memory War?' - new film by ENRS

Why do we love telling stories and listening to them? What makes bees and humans unique in the whole animal kingdom? You only need to watch one minute of this film to find answers to these questions. But then, other questions pile up: what do Egyptian pyramids, triumphal arches and farms of internet trolls have in common? How can lying about the past benefit a country? Can you build a successful society on historical lies? Watch our film, learn what memory wars are and find the unexpected solution to winning them.

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‘How to Win a Memory War?’ is a part of the ENRS’s initiative ‘Hi-story Lessons’, a multilingual educational project, which aims at supporting the process of teaching and learning about 20th-century European history. It deals with the subject of memory wars and suggests ways of resisting historical disinformation – both as individuals and as societies.

The film’s premiere took place during an international online conference ‘Disinformation in Memory Politics: Practices and Ways of Prevention’ organized by ENRS, UNSPA and INST.

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The film was subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport of the Republic of Poland.

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