International Conference: Burden of Victory

International Conference: Burden of Victory

The Polish History Museum, together with The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, ENRS and The Museum of the Second World War invites for the international online conference "The Burden of Victory. The Second World War and its consequences from the perspective of 75 years since its end" which will take place on 8 May.

Do Western European nations remember the war in the same way as Central and Eastern Europeans? Who shapes the images of the events of the Second World War: historians or creators of mass culture? These and other questions will be answered this Friday, May 8th, by the participants of the conference.

Attendees include: Rafał Rogulski, Director of ENRS and Members of ENRS Assemblies: Prof. Jan Rydel, Member of the Steering Commitee, Prof. Andrzej Nowak, Member of the Academic Council and Dr Oldřich Tůma, Observer Member of the Academic Council.

The event will be held in Polish, English and Russian.

Read the full programme of the conference here

Date: 8 May

Watch Online:

YouTube - MuzHPtv

Facebook - Muzeum Historii Polski

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