Russias court abolishes the Memorial Society

Russia's court abolishes the Memorial Society

Russias court abolishes the Memorial Society

We are deeply saddened to learn about the liquidation of the Международный Мемориал (MEMORIAL: An International Historical, Educational, Human Rights And Charitable Society) by Russia’s Supreme Court.

Since its establishment in the years of perestroika, Memorial has run countless educational and research projects as well as other initiatives to commemorate the victims of totalitarian regimes. The organisation has gathered documents, photographs and manuscript memoirs from the victims of persecution and their families and has created archives containing more than 60,000 personal files.

Memorial has received a number of awards and nominations in recognition of its work, including being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Yet, on 28 December Russia’s Supreme Court abolished Memorial Society for allegedly violating “foreign agent” legislation. The dissolution of this organisation is a great loss not only for Russia: its fluence extends beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union, with an impact on social memory and remembrance practices across Europe.

Once again we declare our solidarity with colleagues from the Memorial Society and we hope that the work that the organisation has done for over 30 years will be continued.

Over a month ago ENRS made a statement in support of the International Memorial Society, signed by ENRS Steering Committee, Director and Members of ENRS Assemblies.

You can read it here

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